But don’t listen to Justin Bieber cause that makes you lame.

But do listen to SOME mainstream or you’ll be called a hipster.

Don’t wear fedoras, cause that’ll make you a poser.

But don’t wear baseball hats either cause that would make you a Bro.

And accept everyone for who they are.

Unless they’re assholes, cause otherwise you’d just be a pushover.

And treat everyone nice.

Unless they don’t put up with your bullshit cause in that case they just don’t deserve you at your best.

Do not fat shame.

But don’t skinny shame either.

And don’t judge a book by its cover.

Unless someone’s actions have gone viral on the Internet, in which case do join the lynch mob or be called out for it.

And don’t think for yourself. Whatever’s on Wikipedia, Reddit, CNN, and Tumblr, that’s the truth.

Just go with the flow.

Join the flock.

Everything is black and white and never shades of grey.

But remember.

Be yourself.

Just like everybody else.


Apparently we’ve hit peak beard.

At least according to the BBC.

Ugh…I’d hate to going back to shaving regularly.

Photo Set

There are people that are affected immensely by the moon. Be it its poetic nature or whatever gravity forces it inflicts on their brain, causing it to sway left, or sway right, squishing feelings and emotions against their skull. This is the moon of the creators, the poets and the artists.

And then there’s the people that can never be pleased, going “Well I was expecting a more blood-like color”.


Things I Learned at Versailles

I posted a post over on our Paris travel blog.



Geez I’m pretty glad I’ve been reading te GoT books cause even Buzzfeed was in on the reblogging spoilers action today…

Photo Set

Harrison Ford is doing an AMA over on Reddit.

Just an FYI


White girl wasted.


Went to Versailles. Got a dick pic.