Let me go to bed…


The Internet machinery behind targeted ads is impressive in its technology. I searched for a PS4 ONCE on Amazon and it’s bombarded me with offers since.

Now how do I tell it I got one already?


I have a PS4 now!

Add me motherfuckers.



Happy early birthday Suiz!

He looks way too exited. suizdejinn

A little excited yea

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Can’t wait for fall to get here already.

Keep your fancy pumpkin spice mochas. I’m talking about Apple’s new iPhone, OSX Yosemite and the return of actual AAA video game releases thank you very much.

Also, everything in Paris is closed during the summer so give me back my sidewalk cafes in non-touristy areas too.


The hangover is not letting me sleep and this is the first time this has happened to me.

My birthday is next week so this must be just another reminder that, while I may have the skin of a 27 year old baby, I’m actually gonna hit 36.




I just haven’t felt tumblr here lately. For a long time, if I’m totally honest.

I mean, I love you guys. I do. I just don’t much like this space any more.

I miss the old tumblr. I miss the silliness and the fun. I miss Coty’s memes. I miss everyone having their boobs out on Thursday. I miss…

I’ve been trying to put this in words for weeks, Coty reference and all.


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Super drunk.

In Paris.


I thought about participating on SST tonight. The last time I did one was probably about two years ago. Haven’t…really felt hot and stuff since.

I’ve lost so much weight in the past few months that I entertained the thought for about 5 seconds before realizing nobody wants to see saggy man tits, no matter how skinny said tits are.

So I decided to fish for compliments instead.


I didn’t choose the French life…