First thing’s first: Everything’s ok!

Just don’t feel as connected to Tumblr as much anymore. Commute selfies can only get me so far.

So before I end up boring you and myself at the same time I’m gonna take a break.

See you around.


I remember when Google+ came out and ERRYBODY wanted an invite.

What I’m saying let me know where Ello is at in 5 years.


I’m calling Apple developer Support.

"Call Me Maybe" is their on hold music.

Most embarrassing, however, is the fact that I’m loving that.


What’s most surprising to me is the number of people who apparently still put their phones in their back pocket.



Stunning Time-Lapse Footage Shows Undulatus Asperatus Clouds Rolling Like Waves Over Lincoln, Nebraska

Even the name sounds like a dementor is just gonna pop right out from one of them.

Source: Laughing Squid

It’s 73F and I’m sweating like Bill Clinton when asked what he thinks about White House interns.

What the fuck Paris? You were supposed to have a cold cold heart.


Hey it even does pseudo-depresso, gen x, mtv grunge video loops!

  • Them: I'm doing a detox diet.
  • Me: You mean you have a liver right?

The amount of excitement in my life does not warrant a GoPro. 

  • Question: Dammit, Suiz. Now I'm obsessed with that app. Haha - definitelyjk
  • Answer:

    It does seem to have something of a crack-ness to it.

    PHHHOTO everyone. The app is called PHHHOTO.