can we fucking stop trying to make any skin care stuff for men all tur-bro douchetastic? it looks insane

If we weren’t such an insecure fucking gender we’d be buying these in the female skin care aisle as they’re made of the exact same fucking ingredients.

But noooooo. We need neon lights and a whole shelve dedicated to AXE body fucking spray.

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Plot twist!

Meet my new hairdresser here in Paris.



Gots my hairs did, bitches.


I made a short (0:55) video of our trip to Barcelona.


Just finished reading “The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August” and I must admit I was enthrall es from beginning to end.

The aforementioned Harry August dies on the first few pages and is reborn again to live his life anew over and over.

It’s a premise that’s so simple, yet the conspiracy it delves into at a later stage of the book is rich and emotional.

Cannot recommend it highly enough.


I love realizing that as you get older your likes and dislikes become more granular.

The romantic in you becomes jaded and trades “I love it when it rains” to “I love it when it rains outside”.


Objectifying women means reblogging the pictures where their heads are cropped out.

Cause nothing screams “object” more than something that doesn’t have a brain.




Why You Shouldn’t Take Selfies Right Next to a Moving Train

yeah but why the fuck did that dude kick him, depending on how fast the train is going that could break the kids leg and kill the guy taking the picture. sure hes being stupid but dont be a fucking asshole

Who takes selfies with the video feature?

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We’re back from Barcelona! God this is an amazing continent. Judging from only a handful of cities but still!

My feet are killing me and I need. A shower. Or two.

But that’s not the French way…

Photo Set

Highlights of Barcelona.